Cyber Love

Impatiently she waited for the computer to load
Why tonight of all nights was it so slow ?
As the inbox slowly began to open
There were several from people she didn't know

Surely there had to be an email from him
He wrote several times a day
Oh my a new message was now coming in
A few more minutes she would stay

They had met online many months ago
In one of the rooms called chat
As their fingers flew across the keys
They were friends right off the bat

As they sat typing till wee hours of the night
Her heart would race and flutter
His favorite name for her was Wild Thing
And she knew there would be no other

Searching through the many emails
And finding the one that he did write
The subject line said Wild Thing
Oh yes this would be the night

Quickly she began to read his words
And hoped he had sent a picture
After all these months of waiting
Her mind was in a flitter

The attachment slowly began to download
Taking forever to uncover
Then suddenly it was picture clear
She had been tricked by her devilish brother!

Dear hearts to you let this be a warning
Be sure to whom you speak
If you have a brother who likes to tease
You may find yourself up the creek !

Janie Moser 2005

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Wild Thing
The Troggs

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