A Fireside Evening

Northern winds howled outside my window
As I carefully adorned my evening dress
For this was the last night of winter
And I wanted to look my very best

Pausing to listen to our local news
I heard the weatherman declare
A blizzard was predicted for tonight
And all on the streets must beware

As I continued to listen to his voice
My heart painfully began to break
For this storm would upset my evening
And I prayed he was making a mistake

Hadn't the temperature began to warm
And wasn't springtime soon to be here
Why then was he proclaiming such things
Causing all that listened to fear

As a fireplace aglow with warmth awaited me
I poured myself another glass of red wine
Fragrance candles patiently stood standing
As the old grandfather clock struck nine

This night was planned many months ago
As it was time for him once again to depart
His mission to return to a foreign land
Crushed their life and broke her heart

Reaching over slowly I raised my blinds
To search the night for any small clue
But no head lights were in the distance
And my heart cried out 'What am I to do'

Outside the winds loudly continued to howl
And the snow began to quickly fall
Slowly rising from my perch by the window
I reached for my phone to make a call

It was then that I heard the tap on my door
As quickly I stopped and turned in fright
Wondering who would be out in such a storm
I opened the door and gazed into the night

Before me he stood with out stretched arms
Which were covered with fresh fallen snow
And as we embraced and shared our love
The fireplace and candles warmly glowed

Janie Moser © 03/05/06


©Luvdalot Graphics & Design

Forever In Love
Kenny G

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