Michael Todd Festino

June 11, 1990 - June 13, 1997

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday Sweet Michael
Happy Birthday to You

Sweetie this would have been your 13th birthday
June 11, 2003

As we look back at the time we had with you
We are blessed that at least we have
seven years of memories

How I wish that you were with us today but
I know your spirit lives on and
you watch over us constantly

I try to imagine what you would be like
as a teenager

I know you would have many girlfriends and
never be at a loss for friends

One thing I know for sure is that
no one will ever take your place

I love and miss you as much today as
I did six years ago when you went to heaven

I know you wait for us there and one day
we will all be together again

This should be a joyous day because
it is June 11, 2003, your birthday

Instead we are filled with sadness because
another year has passed
without you here to celebrate

I look back at the seven birthdays we spent
with you and each one is filled with
happiness and laughter

You loved people and people loved you

You loved life and lived it to its fullest

As we think of you on your birthday and
wish you were here

Just know my darling Michael you are
forever loved and missed

Happy Birthday
My Darling Angel Michael

I love you forever
Your MeMaw