A very special day is approaching
So important in the month of May
Time of happiness and jubilation
As people celebrate Mother's Day

I want to pause and ask a question
What is the definition of a Mother
And as you reflect upon an answer
We can agree she is like no other

Nine long months she carries you
Nourishing and giving you life
As her body goes through changes
She encounters pain and strife

Finally the blessed day does arrive
And she labors until you are born
But all the discomfort is forgotten
As holding you a close bond you form

Endless nights of interrupted sleep
As cries of tummy aches are heard
Rocking and quietly singing a song
She hums when forgetting the words

The toddler years pass by so quickly
And soon its time for grade school
Then junior high and maybe a date
And clothes that are 'oh so cool'

To soon the day for prom has arrived
And then graduation is drawing near
She celebrates your accomplishments
As proudly she cries through tears

One day she hears, 'Mom I'm in love'
And she knows that it want be long
Until wedding bells will be ringing
Realizing then her baby is full grown

Yes, a Mother is one that truly gives
All her love throughout the years
She prays and cares for her children
As silently she hides her many fears

So as you celebrate this Mother's Day
Stop and give thanks to God above
For sending you this dear sweet lady
Who has given you such care and love

Janie Moser © 05/07/06


©Luvdalot Graphics & Design