It's Me...Michael

I'm calling on you from Heaven Memaw,
As I've dialed so many times,
But I thought you'd like to hear
from me,
Letting you know that I am fine.

You wouldn't believe my surroundings,
And there is no way I can explain,
How the sun is always shining,
With never a drop of rain.

There is a multitude of special angels,
And we whisper each others name,
Whenever we call on Jesus,
Who joins us for all children's games!

You are trying to prepare for
Christmas Memaw,
But I can see that you're just not the same,
Since I haven't been there to participate,
I've seen how your heart fills with pain.

I know you are going to Mommy's soon,
Spending Christmas with Arianna
and Danielle,
And I don't want you feeling unhappy there,
"Cause I'll be watching and able to tell.

It hurts me to see you restless and sad,
Memaw if you could only see,
How Heaven has opened up its arms,
To all special angels like me.

Please listen Memaw as I speak
these words,
For I cannot see you through a tear,
It is only when your happiness for me,
That enables my spirit to come near.


Many thanks to my good friend Valentyne for writing this poem

Also to my good friend Jody for the background as a gift

Thank you Shari Designs for your
excellant designing