Love In An Old Suitcase

While visiting the home of my daughter
On a beautiful warm spring like day
I surprisingly came upon my grandson
As he sat in my suitcase to play

My clothes were no longer neatly folded
As they now were cast upon the floor
By a tiny baby that had stolen my heart
And whom I loved and greatly adored

Wondering what he possibly was doing
I quietly watched him from the hall
As his little hands unfolded my paper
I could tell he was having a ball

Twinkling brown eyes scanned the pages
And the excitement showed on his face
A smile could be seen on his tiny lips
As quietly he sat in my old suitcase

How could six months pass by so quickly
I wondered as I continued to stare
As mumbling words he tried to speak
While tossing the paper into the air

His tiny young giggles could be heard
As he looked at me and grinned
And his cute smile melted my heart
With the warmth of love it did send

With outstretched arms he beckoned me
To join him as he laughed and played
And as I sat beside his small body
I looked at the huge mess he had made

Rising slowing I turned to embrace him
As I gathered my apparel from the floor
And with a grin that warmed my soul
He slowly crawled out the bedroom door

Replacing my clothes in the old suitcase
I smiled recalling his great joy and fun
A memory that I will forever cherish
And the love of my first tiny grandson

Janie Moser © 04/23/06


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