Remembering You On Memorial Day

A special day is set aside in the month of May
Acknowledging the brave women and men
As they gave their life for our country
In the battles for our freedom to win

The date is always the very last Monday
As people gather and celebrate this day
And the American flag waves its colors
In commemoration of our troops so brave

Streets are crowded with marching bands
Playing songs and we listen with pride
And as parades fill our eyes with wonder
Hearts break for all who didn't survive

Our military has engaged in many wars
Ever since Memorial Day first began
From the Civil War to Iraqi Freedom
Fighting bravely you protect our land

Sadly some have forgotten the reason
That we recognize Memorial Day
A three day weekend free from work
Is what many you ask would say

But I write this poem to let you know
That I remember and will never forget
The bravery and love you have shown
As an American soldier, death you met

Proudly I stand and salute each of you
Thanking you for the sacrifice you made
You all fought hard and won the battle
We are America the home of the brave

Janie Moser 05/25/06





Elvis Presley

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