Christmas 2003

Well Michael it is so hard to believe it is now
Christmas 2003

Where has the years gone? It seems that it was only yesterday that we were celebrating your last Christmas with us and that was the year 1996

Now we face another year of you not being with us. You know the last few years we have been going to your house to visit your mommy and daddy and sisters

I know we have to go and celebrate Christmas with them but I miss you so much. Each time I go I recall all the good times we had

I wait any minute to see you come running down the hall or meet us at the door with a big grin

Each time Danielle and Arianna open presents I can see your face as it glowed with wonder each time you opened yours.

Oh I miss the years ya'll spent coming to my house and having Christmas here.

Remember how you use to pull poor old Mr. Bad's tail as he lay on my dresser trying to get away from you?

That poor cat, you gave him fits.

I guess you and him are playing up there in Heaven since he left us just a few days before you did

I will never forget Christmas 1996 when we went and all the presents we brought were in the back of the truck and you carried one by one and placed them under your tree.

You sure did do a great job not dropping one present and placing them carefully in their place under the tree

Oh the memories Michael are so many and I thank God we did have seven years with you but I sure was planning on alot more

We have not decorated since you left, I just dont have any will to do it

I know that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus and that you are sitting on his lap right now but I miss you and don't understand why you had to leave us

I am loving you as much now as I did back on June 13, 1997, when you decided to take a stroll to the pond

You silly little boy whatever were you thinking about that day? Maybe one day I will understand but right now the hurt of missing you is still terrible

Well Michael I dont know if this is going to help me in anyway but I sure am giving it one heck of a try.

I love and miss you sweet Michael and forever and always will.

With much love to you my Michael on this
Christmas 2003

Your MeMaw

We have our memories.
Our memories of you
which continue in our hearts.
These we shall never lose.

We miss your laugh.
We miss your grin.
We want you back.
We want to hold you again.

It is so hard to live.
To live without you
Our unyielding love is what
sees us through.

You touched many lives
in your short time.
It continues to be a miracle
that no-one can deny.

If we close our eyes tight
then open our souls.
We can feel you
and your everlasting hold.

We have our memories.
Our loving memories of you
always in our hearts
never to lose.

Written by:
Angie Festino

Michael's Mommy

To Michael,

Words can never express what you have meant to our family and the wonderful things that you taught us while we were blessed with your wonderful presence

It was indeed an honor to spend the time with you at your home watching the Lion King with you and having your arms around me

What warmth and love you gave to me and everyone that has had the honor of knowing you

I remember the fun we had when you came with your MeMaw and PePaw to my home and played with Joe's socks and were so happy running and playing, enjoying watching the chickens as they ran

Thank you precious one for all the sweet memories that you gave to me

I miss you and love you

Aunt Delores

Please do not remove the Christmas tree from this site it belongs to Michael.