Christmas 2004

Michael for some reason this is so hard to write this year. I dont know why but I do know that I miss
and love you so much.

Where has the time gone?
It is now seven years since you left us and it is so hard to believe that another year has gone by without you.

We will not be going anywhere this year for Christmas. Pepaw isnt taking his vacation til the week after Christmas so we will not be visiting your mommy, daddy, and sisters this year

I still have not got use to going to your house and you not being there. I dont think sweetie I ever will. When we do go I expect any minute you will appear around the corner and give me that beautiful smile of yours

I talked to your Mommy today. She had been shopping and was helping your sisters with a school project. I know she wishes she was buying presents for you. This is such a hard time of the year for all of us

I know this was your favorite time of the year. I can still see the excitement in your eyes as you looked at the Christmas tree and all the presents under it

It is going to be a really quiet Christmas here this year. You know we are usually not home but instead at your Mommy's. We arent decorating again this year. I dont see any point in it and just have not been in the holiday spirit since you left

Sweetie I sure wish you could make your presence known to us this year. You know I would love for you to come and visit with me and Pepaw. It would be so good to feel your little arms around us and feel that gentle pat and kiss you always gave us.

I miss you Michael and love you so much. Of course I know you look down on us and watch over us every day but oh how I wish we could see you.

I still have all the whys and what if's that I had on the day you drowned and guess I never will know the answers til we see you again in Heaven. They will all be answered then I am sure

Your sisters are growing up so fast. Danielle looks so much like you and of course Arianna acts like you.
Your mommy and daddy have their hands full with those two girls.

I can just imagine what a time you would have with them if you were here. Gosh I wonder what you would think of all those barbie dolls and fairies they have. I imagine they would be yelling for your mommy to get you out of their room and leave them alone.

Your sisters talk about you alot. Even Arianna knows so much about you even though she wasnt born til you left us. No one will ever forget you for sure

Well my darling Michael I guess there isnt much more that I can say that I havent already said. I know you know how much you are loved and missed as you watch everything going on from your Heavenly home

I would give anything if only you were back with us. I know it isnt possible but I do know that one day we will all be together again and what a beautiful
and glorious day that will be

Michael my heart hurts and breaks each time I look at your pictures and think of all the things we wanted to do with you and never got the chance.

Each time I change the other grandkids pictures out as a new one is sent to me I wonder what you would look like and I think I should be changing your picture also

Your pictures will always remain on my wall and I am so glad that I at least have great memories of the seven years you were with us

I want you here with us so bad. I still dont understand why you had to be called to Heaven so young

No one will ever take your place in my heart or my mind. You are always with me

I love you and miss you so much Michael
and forever and always will.

With much love to you my darling Michael
On this Christmas 2004

Your MeMaw

We have our memories.
Our memories of you
which continue in our hearts.
These we shall never lose.

We miss your laugh.
We miss your grin.
We want you back.
We want to hold you again.

It is so hard to live.
To live without you
Our unyielding love is what
sees us through.

You touched many lives
in your short time.
It continues to be a miracle
that no-one can deny.

If we close our eyes tight
then open our souls.
We can feel you
and your everlasting hold.

We have our memories.
Our loving memories of you
always in our hearts
never to lose.

Written by:
Angie Festino

Michael's Mommy

I'll Be Home For Christmas
Please decorate your house for me,
Like you did when I was there,
I promise I will comfort you,
So please don't leave it bare.
I know that Christmas makes you sad,
When my face you cannot see,
But just remember the happy times,
With me sitting under the tree.
I want so much for you to feel,
My smile and laughing eyes,
And when I see you sad today,
Makes me also want to cry.
So please pick a special tree for me,
Decorate it with pretty lights,
And when you place a star on top,
Think of me shining down my light.
You know I never like to see,
Your spirits drop so low,
The last thing I would ever want,
Is to see you lose your glow.
I know the many hearts that broke,
When I left without goodbyes,
I've learned in Heaven not to question,
God's will by asking why.
You will find out when you join me here,
That Heavens a wonderful place,
When once again you'll feel my hugs,
And see my smiling face.
To My Great Friend Janie With Love
^O^ ~valentyne~ ^O^


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