This page is dedicated to a wonderful little boy.
Michael Todd was born June 11, 1990

When the doctors told me my new baby had Down Syndrome, I felt like my whole world was crashing down around me. That feeling lasted briefly, as I held Michael in my arms, I knew no matter what happened in our lives he was our son and our hearts belonged to Michael.

He reached each milestone slowly taking his time. He walked when he was two and said his first word "Daddy" when he was three. He didn't hold a conversation with many words but instead he held one with hugs and kisses.

Michael played T-Ball and attended church. He helped at home with setting the table and occasionally cleaning his room. Of course I had to be in there helping him.

He enjoyed going to the movies, the beach, and out to eat. He loved to eat pizza, spaghetti, and soft tacos. His favorite things were videos, dinosaurs, books, animals and riding his 4-wheeler.

Michael had enough energy to put the energizer rabbit to shame. Playing outside was a passion as he loved to run, jump, and climb.

At age six, he was excited to be a big brother to his sister. He shared in every aspect of the pregnancy. I will always cherish the memory of Michael pretending to have a baby in his tummy. He lifted his shirt and poked out his belly As I placed my hand on him, he moved his belly and laughed.

When Danielle was born he was so proud and wanted to hold her. His dad could barely take the baby from Michael. She was his baby, and he kissed Danielle and patted her ever so gently. We could see his love for her radiate from his heart onto his face.

Michael gave love unconditionally without expecting anything in return. Michael loved life to its fullest. His last week on earth Michael said, "Love You" to his dad over the phone for the first time.

On Friday June 13, 1997, Michael drowned. As our hearts shattered and our lives came crashing down for real this time, so did the hearts of the community and those who loved and continue to love Michael.

We hold onto the memories of our son's laugh, devious grin, countless hugs, strong kisses, warm body, persistent personality, rambunctious energy, and unbinding love. Michael touched hundreds of lives and that is a miracle.

We will forever miss and love him with all our hearts and souls.



Angel Standing By

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