The Mystery Of The Blue Butterfly

Loud barking from the dogs next door
Caused me to quickly rush outside
And as I inquired as to their reason
I was amazed to see a blue butterfly

Moments before my telephone had rang
And I had hurried in to answer a call
Leaving my baby sitting on the grass
As she was playing with her pink ball

It was then that I heard a loud noise
As if someone had tripped and fell
And as I opened up my garden gate
I was all alone as far as I could tell

Thinking possibly I might be mistaken
I picked up my baby and held her tight
Kissing her as I cuddled her in my arms
I recalled what had happened one night

Cries from the nursery had been heard
As we all slept soundly in our beds
And knowing my child could be hungry
A bottle I brought so she could be fed

Entering her room I sensed a cool chill
And wondering if I had possibly forgot
I ran over to check her bedroom windows
Finding that none of them were locked

With trembling hands I reached for her
Quickly turning as shadows caught my eye
And to my confusion and much amazement
I saw the fluttering wings of a butterfly

Standing now in the warm summertime sun
I had questions running through my head
Why was this butterfly staying close by
And what was it doing so near her bed

The summer days quickly turned into weeks
And the butterfly was no longer seen
Until one day when we watched the news
I couldn't believe what was on the screen

To my amazement a man had been captured
While trying to abduct a small tiny child
And as he was carried away in chains
A beautiful blue butterfly did happily smile

Is this just another one of my silly stories
Or could this poem possibly be true
The fact is I wrote this as a warning
Who the predators are we haven't a clue

Janie Moser 08/03/06

This blue butterfly guarded the little one in my story
Please do your part to prevent child abduction




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