June 11, 1990 - June 13, 1997

In Loving Memory Of My Grandson

Michael Todd is our first grandchild sent to earth for a brief period of time. I still don't know why he was taken at the age of seven, And maybe I never will. But in my heart and memories he will always be with us and me when I'm down.

We have thirteen other grandchildren and they are no less precious than Michael. Our love for all the grandchildren, started with him being the first.

Although I and we miss him very much, I cherish the times we had together. Sometimes called M.T., my buddy, lil man, he is 100% all boy.

Playing in the yard at his house or in the house he usually wore me out. Wrestling with a seven year old can do that.

Just watching him play with his MeMaw whether in his room or in a tree, or on his swingset, playing with his Dad and Mom, outside or inside or even giving his Mom and Dad a hard time filled my heart, soul or whatever you want to call it, with such happiness.

Michael, sharp as a tack, could operate a VCR better than some adults I know, endless amount of energy, and an abundance of love to share with everyone.

Playing at the end of our driveway with him after a rainy day, chasing him around to keep him out of the street, watching him slip-in-slide, surprising us with unexpected antics, takin a leak at the edge of the patio, and watching him with his little sister, Danielle. You could see how much he loved his baby sister, and you could see the big brother teasing aspect of him too.

This page in no way can replace the one Michael's mommy or his MeMaw did. I just had to put down what I've been feelin and remembering every day.

We only got to see them twice a year, I guess that is why those times are so special. My time spent with all our grandkids is special, even more so now.

Michael Todd Festino will always be with me and his MeMaw.

Thanks to whoever reads this and letting me share just a little of Michael with you.

Dedicated For All Who Loved Michael

Most parents will never experience,
The joy that was given to us,
A child who's name was Michael,
Given by God in trust.

From the very first moment we held him,
Till the day God beckoned him home,
Our hearts seen a glimpse of Heaven,
But Michael was only on loan.

June eleventh nineteen ninety,
Was a day so many were blessed,
For Michael crept into the hearts of those,
Who were rewarded by knowing him best.

As a Mom and Dad we were soon to learn,
That Michael was sent to teach,
Love.. kindness.. and gentleness,
For all people whose life he would reach.

Michael had bubbled with energy,
That few other children could match,
When he drove his prized four wheeler,
You prayed there would not be a crash!

From climbing trees with grand parents,
To chasing with a garden hose,
Or playing with his favourite dinosaurs,
Watching Disney toward evening close.

Michael loved the beach with its sandy shores,
And the pool that was in the back yard,
Warm baths in the tub was fun time,
With his dinosaurs he would guard!

Too swiftly his final day did come,
June thirteenth nineteen ninety seven,
When the Lord could no longer be without him,
And Michael was returned back to Heaven.

Grief and sorrow shrouded so many lives,
Sounds of hearts could be heard while broken,
Questions of why mixed with anger,
Directed to God with questions were spoken.

We continue to learn as each day passes by,
How to live with the loss of our son,
Michael's sisters Danielle and Arianna,
With their presence the healings begun.

~valentyne~ lang 10/31/03

"Grandpa and Me"

When Grandpa comes and reads to me:
I feel the sun and smell the sea.
I hear of men who caught the whales,
And then some wild safari tales.

He reads how cowboys rode the trails
And men worked hard to build the rails
That carried trains out to the west.
Then baseball stories I like best.

Grandpa can't do skateboards, though.
He's not good with nintendo.
These things I overlook, you see,
Cause I love him and he loves me.

Thanks to:
Grandpa Tucker
Poem used with his permission






Tears In Heaven
Eric Clapton

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