Tina Marie McQuaig

May 5, 1972 - March 15, 2000

Remembering Tina Marie

I'll never forget the fifth day of May
When my darling Tina was born
Such beauty can only be described
As a gorgeous sunrise in the morn

Our family knew we had been blessed
With a tiny angel sent from above
A bundle in a soft pink blanket
To cuddle and bestow upon her love

The years with her did quickly pass
As she was so happy and loved life
Enjoying her time as a young teen
Her graduation and becoming a wife

Tina became a mother in ninety five
Welcoming son Tyler with open arms
Loving him with her heart and soul
Taking care to keep him from harm

Then one day in the month of March
Tina did not return to her home
And as my world suddenly crumbled
We knew she didn't carelessly roam

Four long days after she disappeared
Her car was found in a parking lot
At a Walmart store in Jacksonville
But where Tina was we knew not

Her story aired on televison shows
And many people called with clues
But no one could find our Tina
And her where abouts no one knew

A call in March two thousand three
Ended all hope of finding her alive
As her body had been discovered
And our sweet Tina did not survive

A nightmare for us was finally over
But the case remains open today
And as a murderer walks amongst us
We wonder what reason he would say

Soon we will all be reunited with Tina
As she welcomes us into the gate
And as we celebrate that great day
Her cruel murderer will await his fate

Janie Moser © 07/30/06

Written For Linda Rice
In Memory Of Her Daughter Tina


Angel Standing By

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