The Eagles Of Hornby Island

This past week I sat quietly for hours
Watching as eagles on Hornby Isle
Lovingly cared for their two eggs
And their actions caused me to smile

A sunny March was when it all began
When the female laid only just two
Fussing and fluffing up the nest
As twigs were gathered as they flew

They nutured and sat day and night
Caring for these two little eggs
Hoping that soon they would hatch
Bringing forth eaglets on tiny legs

An unselfish love was greatly shown
As in harsh weather they did sit
Keeping their eggs safe and warm
In a nest that they had knit

Such dedication was greatly displayed
As each one took turns on the nest
Sitting for hours and looking about
Neither one getting very much rest

Millions from all around the world
Tuned in to watch the live birth
As in a tree in Vancouver Canada
These two sat high upon the earth

The expectant day would soon arrive
As to the webcam we were all glued
When one of the eggs disappeared
Causing people to search for clues

We were told by the eagle experts
That the egg was no longer there
But hoping for a bit of good news
I prayed as I continued to stare

Days went by and alas it was over
The second egg too was soon gone
And as the eagles cleaned the nest
The wind echoed a sorrowful moan

Empty, lonely, and silent it remains
High atop this very old tree
As above in the beautiful blue sky
The two eagles soar wild and free

Janie Moser © 05/04/06


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