Come on in and sit a spell and
let me tell you a tale

My name is David and I live in Texas and of course
I drive a pickup truck

In October of 1979, I never thought I would be a Grandpa,
PePaw, PaPaw til way into my 50's.

Then one day on June 11, 1990, our first grandchild
Michael Todd was born.

So now instead of Dad and Mom, or Mom and David,
it's Grandparents, also known as pepaw and memaw.

Two years later January 29, 1992, we got
our first granddaughter, Katelyn Marie.

It calmed down for a couple a years
all the kids got TV's.

The calm didn't last long though as Dillon Scott come along on June 30, 1994.

I guess the guys had to take off two more years cause in 1996, we were given three of the little people

Shannon Michelle on April 19,
Teresa Danielle on May 29,
and Brandon David on July 11

Life was good, me and the wife were now known as
Pepaw and Memaw, Papaw and Mamaw, Papaw and Ganmaw.

Then on June 13, 1997 our lives were shattered
and shaken up pretty bad

We lost our oldest Michael Todd at age of 7yrs.

We still hurt but I believe M.T. wants us to
keep going and share him with the others.

In 1998, on March 31, Cassidy Nicole came into
the world on a Navy Base in Virginia Beach, Virginia

And it started again in 1999, we were blessed
with two more grandaughters
Arianna Dominique on February 4, and Steffani Rene March 12

More Gals sheeeeeesh wonderin ifin the guys
forgot how to make boys?????

Three more come along in 2000,
Rachel Morgan Feb 7, Deanna Elaine July 23, Ashley Jane Dec 31,
just in time for a tax dependant.

Savannah Ruth November 15, and Charles Fredrick Jr November 29, arrived in 2001.

But as of now August 1, 2003,
I think all the kids have rediscovered the contraption
called the TV or they realize that
2 or 3 of them little people runnin around is enough.

But they are still young and fertile, so who knows??????

Well, since last report of these little people David Dowler was born on June 5, 2004. and Brock Abbey came on August 8, 2008.

And by virtue of marriage Dylan Compton is also in our family. His arrival is when Liz made a honest man out of Waco, even though they were a couple before their wedding date.

Now as of September 2009, we have seventeen grandchildren.

But all kidding aside Janie and I are blessed 15 times now and
we love each and every one of them g-kids with all our hearts.

I think it is true that if I had known
how much fun grandkids can be
we would have had them first.

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