There's A Stranger In My House

He sat alone in silence
Wondering what had gone wrong
It seemed only yesterday
They were joined as one

Why had she turned away
When He wanted to hold her tight
What had changed her so
Why did they have to fight

He suspected another man
Had stole his darlin's heart
When will this all end
How long before they would part

He noticed her sitting alone
Staring out the window many times
If only he knew what she was thinking
Was it her lover on her mind

His mind went back to happier days
His thoughts of how it was
There were so many moments
That were filled with passionate love

When did it all change
Who was to blame
Could it possibly be him
He bowed his head in shame

He thought of the many nights
She had spent all alone
While he was with someone else
With whom she did not know

He sat for hours wondering
Could this life be changed
What would he have to do
To win her love again

As he sat alone through the night
He realized it was too late
He had been such a fool
Could this be his fate

He got up from his easy chair
For now it was the dawn
He opened up the bedroom door
To find she had already gone

Janie Moser 2005

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There's A Stranger In My House
Ronnie Milsap

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