This is me Michael Todd Festino at six years old I had been sitting in front of the television watching Lion King and eating french fries ! Can you see the ketchup on my face ?

I have many pages where you can see my pictures but here are a few that you may not have seen

You see this nice looking little boy ? It is Me !! My MeMaw always kissed this picture

Can you imagine me only being one year old and being told I was in the airforce?

Now this girl that has a bear hug on me is my girlfriend ! Her name is Kelsi. Everytime she seen me she had to hug and kiss me Yuk !

This is Christmas 1996. I got this guitar and me and my cousin Dillon were jamming !!

I like to play T-Ball. It sure is fun !! My problem is I always carried the bat around the bases with me.

This is me and my dad. Could you guess what we are doing ? Yep making a mess but it was fun !!

This is me and my mommy ! We had the house all decorated for Christmas !! We were waiting for MeMaw and PePaw to come

Well now that you have seen some of my pictures that you might have missed on my other pages then I will say goodbye and hope you have enjoyed meeting me

Please come back and visit me here again
See you soon !!

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